About us

Who we are:

Group of women and men committed to the cause of children, women, youth and vulnerable communities.

What we do:

Ankuram , from September 1994 to the Present (more than 21 years ), both in Undevided A.P and now in Telangana and A.P states:

1. Prevents child and woman trafficking; \rehabilitate and reintegrate those children & women who are subjected to various forms of abuse, exploitation and violence and trafficking.

2. Assisting organisations to Establish transit \shelter home \ resource centres for girls and women, ensuring care and support.

3. Create awareness among communities especially girls,women and vulnerable sections ; build their capacities and provided skills trainings to assert their rights, and to become self-reliant individuals.

4. Provide education,skill trainings, employment and sustainable livelihoods to girls,women, youth and marginalized communities.

5. Undertake relevant campaigns,research and documentation activities, lobby and advocacy,for desirable policy changes towards child friendly, gender just and equitable society.

6. Establish alliances and networks with civil society organizations,media,government and Corporate sector to address children and women's rights as human rights; and to ensure livelihood opportunities for youth and women.

7. Strengthening natural resources and promote eco-friendly environment.

8. Running Rural resource centre catering to the skilling needs of adolescent youth and young women in rural ares.